DOD-sponsored Manufacturing Innovation Institute Premieres Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Hiring Guide, Webinar

Manufacturing x Digital (MxD), a Department of Defense-sponsored manufacturing innovation institute, has released The Hiring Guide: Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, a ground-breaking guide to aid U.S. manufacturers in building the workforce needed to protect the industry from growing cyber threats.

The U.S. manufacturing workforce is rapidly modernizing to better meet our nation’s security and economic challenges. Industry’s increasing reliance on automation, advanced control systems and remote work has expanded attack opportunities for all types of cyber threats – threats from domestic as well as foreign state-sponsored and non-state actors. Regardless of size, all U.S. manufacturers have a vested interest in helping develop a strong and resilient cybersecurity workforce.

The Hiring Guide project, led by MxD and ManpowerGroup, engaged experts from more than 25 industry, academic, workforce development and government organizations to define the current state and future of manufacturing’s cybersecurity workforce. The guide identifies 247 current and future cybersecurity-related job roles in manufacturing. It also details the skill sets, career paths, and education and training needed to prepare American workers for these jobs.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council, National Association of Manufacturers, The Manufacturing Institute, and MxD will host a webinar on Sept. 3, 2020 at 10 a.m. Central Time. This webinar will discuss the hiring guide, emerging roles for the digital workforce and how organizations can build up cyber skillsets. Use this link to register for the webinar.