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Systems Engineering and Architecture

DEM&S Community of Practice

To further the digital engineering effort, SE&A leads the Digital Engineering, Modeling and Simulation (DEM&S) Community of Practice (CoP), whose participants represent segments of the engineering and acquisition communities including Program Executive Offices, Program Managers, engineering, and science and technology proponents. The DEM&S CoP promotes digital engineering principles throughout the Services and other agencies and can assist in advancing digital engineering practices.

The DEM&S CoP is assessing, promoting, and appropriately increasing the use of digital engineering in multiple areas related to acquisition. It relies on implementation instances to further increase the guidance, support, and use of products out of digital engineering: digital artifacts. In concert with its internal exploration, the CoP retains a close tie to the industrial sector for advice and advocacy and to address challenges in using digital artifacts across the government-industry boundary. The CoP is responsible for promoting and facilitating improvements in the expertise of digital engineering stakeholders in the acquisition workforce.

Participating in the CoP provides these benefits:

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, forge valuable relationships, and expand professional network within the digital engineering domain.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Engage in stimulating discussions, share expertise, and learn from the experiences of others in the field.
  • Exclusive Events: Participate in meetings and discussions featuring renowned speakers and industry experts, gaining insight into the latest technologies and trends.
  • Collaborative Projects: Join in collaborative projects with fellow community members, fostering innovation.
  • Resources and Learning Materials: Gain access to a curated repository of resources, including articles, white papers, case studies, and tutorials, to enhance understanding and skills in digital engineering.


DoD, Service leads, industry partners


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DEM&S CoP Briefings

  • February 2023
  • April 2023

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