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Systems Engineering and Architecture

Systems Engineering and Architecture

Systems Engineering

SE&A Systems Engineering (SE) focuses on modernizing the SE practice, leveraging the capabilities of the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) and using Modular Open Systems Approaches (MOSA) to build systems that can be upgraded to incorporate new technology and respond to emerging threats.

Systems Engineering Modernization

DoD initiated SE Modernization (SE MOD) to implement the digital transformation in systems engineering technical reviews and process flows that support the acquisition decision process. DoD is incorporating SE MOD into acquisition guidance for digital engineering, MOSA, mission engineering, and software engineering Agile/DevSecOps processes across the multiple pathways of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF).

SE&A Lines of Effort

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DoD Communities

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DAU Community of Practice

Integrating Systems Engineering in DoD Acquisition Contracts Working Group

  • Forthcoming 
  • This working group will provide input to update the guidance on the roles, responsibilities for developing the SE contracting 
  • Membership: DoD SE Stakeholders 
  • Contact: | Attn: SE&A SE 
  • Website: TBD 

Systems Engineering Technical Review Modernization Working Group

  • Forthcoming

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