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Systems Engineering and Architecture

Systems Engineering and Architecture

Joint Architecture for Capabilities and Systems

Joint Architecture for Capabilities and Systems (JACS) promotes systems of systems fielded with speed, fidelity, and adaptability to enable continual evolution of U.S. warfighting dominance.

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Well-integrated systems of systems encompass the capability to communicate, provide real-time dissemination of information across the Department, and effectively command and control in a contested electromagnetic environment. These capabilities must enable engagements by any sensor and shooter, with the ability to integrate disparate systems.

Systems of systems present unique challenges because of human and fiscal resource scarcity, single and multi-domain peer and near-peer threats, as well as continual, rapid, and complex technological change. A well-integrated network will leverage emerging capabilities and allow the Department to better integrate many diverse mission systems and provide fully networked command, control, and communication that is capable, resilient, and secure.

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