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VV&A RPG Use Case Overview

Case Study

The following document provides a description of a VV&A Use Case Study:

The table below contains a summary and links to six use cases.





Tailoring V&V to Support Simulation Software Acceptance

Major modification to Legacy M&S, essentially a new development.

Campaign Model modification to add Maritime capability.

This situation is one of the most common for Modeling and Simulation VV&A.

V&V to Quantify Uncertainty and to Improve a Legacy Casualty Estimation Simulation.

Significant uncertainty in referent, unstable configuration of M&S.

SMEs with insights from the development and V&V efforts of a Legacy Simulation.

This situation is one of the most common for Modeling and Simulation VV&A.

V&V of Non-Networked Information Sharing Among M&S.

V&V of manually sharing information among multiple legacy simulations in multiple organizations trying to compose end-to-end M&S out of multiple M&S.

Information about processes employed to share data across multiple M&S in an existing simulation-based study.

M&S using information from other M&S is common. In formal protocols, such as Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) or High Level Architecture (HLA), processes ensure things work appropriately. Less formal situations also exist, as in this RPG Use Case Study.

VV&A of a Reconfigurable Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Distributed Simulation Environment

Rapid V&V of an emerging simulation environment (i.e., reconfigured to support a new System Under Test) with a persistent core which has been previously undergone V&V.

United States Air Force (USAF) Simulation and Analysis Facility (SIMAF) Air Ground Integrated Layer Environment (AGILE) Fire exercises.

This situation is one with major impact on DoD programs and operations.

VV&A of M&S in Preparation for Integration into Large Scale Simulations.

Using historical data as basis for V&V of individual M&S as basis for V&V of those M&S included within large scale simulations.

High Energy Laser Modeling and Simulation Program.

This situation has implications regarding the reuse potential of legacy M&S within large scale M&S.

V&V of Multi-level Resolution Modeling and Simulation.

Issues associated with aggregation of representations and information in single and composite M&S.

SMEs using M&S/VV&A literature and personal experience with multi-level resolution Modeling and Simulation.

Multi-level resolution Modeling and Simulation are widely used, and the impacts realized by the aggregation of data are not clearly articulated.

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