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CRWS-BoK Portal

DoD Releases Online Cyber Resilient Weapon Systems Body of Knowledge Version 4.0 for Engineering Workforce

NEWS RELEASE: January 24, 2024

The Department of Defense released Version 4.0 of the Online Cyber Resilient Weapon Systems Body of Knowledge January 24, 2024. This free resource assists the public and private sector workforce in designing, engineering, and safeguarding CRWS.

Version 4.0 adds new features, design and usability upgrades, and security improvements to encourage and enhance user engagement. The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense’s System Security Directorate launched this vital resource in May 2021 for the system security engineering and science and technology communities. Since then, SysSec has released several version updates to improve the CRWS-BoK user experience.

Version 4.0 highlights include:

  • A revamped user interface and updated look and feel across the platform for a more intuitive, engaging experience
  • Enhanced user management features that allow for more customized viewing options
  • Advanced Search for Engineering Design Patterns, allowing users to pre-select keywords and filters to quickly and easily find design patterns for their engineering needs
  • A Recently Viewed Assets feature and Search and Resource Suggestions to simplify the resource discovery process and provide easier access to previously viewed resources
  • A Refined Algorithm that improves the overall rating detail to better reflect resource quality and relevance
  • New Guest Prompts that streamline the process for new users and encourages them to register to take full advantage of the personalized features or nominate content to be added to the CRWS-BoK repository
  • Added Reports Storage and Search capability, and updated metrics tracking
  • Security and performance improvements

“Version 4.0 is designed to improve the user experience, allowing for greater user engagment with the tools, content, and features in CRWS-BoK,” said SysSec director Melinda Reed. “This update enhances the user’s ability to discover and learn more about cyber resilience, the ultimate goal of CRWS-BoK.

“The new features facilitate improved user involvement and engagment with the platform, from selecting a theme color to personalizing their viewing options. Additionally, they can perform Advanced Searches for Engineering Design Patterns or nominate new resources, which will help create a more robust. We will continue to refine the user experience so that the CRWS-BoK remains an essential resource for our SSE and S&T workforces.”

R&E partners with SSE and S&T professionals through the SysSec Directorate to foster assured resilient missions, systems, and components. It leverages best practices and promotes innovation enabing the nation’s SSE and S&T workforce to engineer CRWS that can successfully operate in the face of persistent cyber threats.

For additional information and to register for a free account, visit the Online CRWS-BoK at

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